Fowler Shotgunning Instructors

Client Testimonials

Candice Fowler provided my fiance and I with an excellent experience. The lesson was very fluid and detail oriented, which was great as I love to ask questions. Mrs. Fowler is extremely knowledgeable and professional. However, I was most impressed by the level of care she placed into her instruction, leaving both of us feeling that we received more than what we paid for. Overall this was an exceptional experience with an outstanding group of professionals who know how to make a couple of beginners feel right at home. We will definitely be frequenting this club with hopes of participating in one of their events in the future. Thank you!

Extremely Knowledgeable and Professional Timothy

Most of the kids at this camp routinely compete in sporting clay events and belong to various shooting teams. Thanks to the work she’s put in with PSCA Pro, John Fowler, Rebecca was the 2nd high shooter in camp with a few Teal and an epic highlight reel shot on a nice Bull Sprig…

Thank you! Rob Espinosa

John has really helped me improve my shooting. I started out just wanting to improve my shooting for hunting but John’s zest for Sporting Clay got me into a new type shooting venue. I strongly recommend him. You can’t go wrong.

You can’t go wrong. Ron Kelly

The best thing about taking lessons from these two, is that not only do they each give great advice… but they’ll bounce ideas about how to help you off of each other. That extra perspective is super helpful and a great confidence booster. I couldn’t be more pleased with my results!

Pleased with my results! Rick Pazen

Not only are the Fowlers excellent instructors but they are quality people on and off the course! They are true professionals that will give you great insight on all aspects of shooting. They are seasoned veterans in all faucets of shotgunning sports from skeet, trap, sporting, super sporting to FITASC just to name a few. I am looking forward to many more lessons and if anyone is trying to learn anything in shotgunning I highly recomend them both! They care about their students and are always open to share advice on anything they can, they are stellar!

Stellar! Rafael Agular

I never thought I could shoot clays until I tagged along with my wife during her lesson with Candice! I’ve tried skeet and trap several times before and the only thing broken was my ego … after a lesson with Candice both my wife and I were breaking clays! She is a patient and professional instructor who teaches safety and precision. Guys, sporting clays is a sport you and your wife can both enjoy together, but just don’t be surprised if your wife breaks more clays then you do!

Patient and Professional Walt Watson

Whether you need quick lesson or two to brush up on your skills or continuous professional coaching in all clay target sports, including sporting clays, trap, and skeet, the Fowlers are the people you want to seek advice from. Both accomplished Master class professional shooters and instructors, they are also just great people to be around. Try them and you will come back for more. Thanks guys for your guidance and wisdom!

Exceptional Service! Dennis Gerasimenko