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Pacific Sporting Arms

Pacific Sporting Arms is owned and operated by All-American Shooter John Herkowitz who has a vast knowledge of the shotgun sports world. We are your full service “Shotgun Sports Store”. Our specialty is service to our customers. Our professionals are experts in the latest trends in competition shooting and equipment. Our staff is second to none in the area of gun selection and gun fitting. Whether you are a top competitive shooter, a weekend recreational shooter or an avid hunter or collector, we will have the right shotgun or rifle for you. We have the lowest everyday prices on all of our guns and our full line of top name accessories and clothing.


Extreme Chokes

Extreme Chokes are the finest aerospace-grade titanium choke tubes for competition-grade shotguns. We developed the titanium choke tube technology for Krieghoff, then developed applications for the rest of the premium brands commonly used for clay target sports – Krieghoff, Perazzi, Beretta, Blaser, Kolar, and Browning. Extreme Chokes are lightweight, exceptionally strong and incredibly beautiful. Our company is independently owned and operated in California.


Moore-N-Moore Sporting Clays

Prepare yourself for a great Sporting Clays experience. Welcome, to Moore N’ Moore. We have 13 Sporting Clays stations on our course. Each station is equipped with 4 clay throwers offering you a multitude of diverse angles and good times! So whether you’re a beginner, a hunter, or a National Champ, we have something for everyone. One thing we have that the others don’t…that’s terrain. You’ll be shooting clays flying from hilltops, below your feet through canyons and everything in between. And we change the angles every week to keep it interesting.


Rainbow Custom Cars

Rainbow Custom Cars will help you along your entire golf cart adventure! We are truly your one-stop-shop for everything golf cart related. For just about a quarter of a century, we have been producing and selling top quality custom golf carts and cart parts – from the high end to inexpensive, new, used, and everything in between, as well as providing a complete cart maintenance. We are passionate about what we do. Whether you are an avid golfer or have never picked up a golf club in your life, we have someone on staff just like you, so we know what you need. Ask us for the best way to customize your cart to fit your needs and your budget!


Chrushable Vault



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