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John Fowler

John Fowler

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About John

John Fowler is a competitive shooter and clay target instructor with over twenty years of competitive shooting experience. As a young boy his father shared with him his love of shooting and collecting firearms and for his fifth birthday he was given his first bb gun. John grew up in rural Etiwanda California, at that time a large citrus community fifty miles east of Los Angeles. After completing his Associate’s degree in Fire Technology he realized his dream to become a Firefighter when he was hired by the Upland Fire Department.

One day at the fire station a friend and fellow firefighter convinced him to participate in the Firefighter Olympics. Without much time to train they had to pick a sport in which they felt that they could be competitive. John and his friend had been pot shooting for a while at their local trap range and decided that trap shooting seemed the logical choice. He had never shot competitively before but was willing to give it a try. His first Firefighter Olympics became a real wake up call. After being soundly beaten he decided if he returned he was going to be on top next time. John went back to his local range and asked for some advice and was told to join the ATA , which he did. That started a twenty year span of competitive shooting which has helped him win over a hundred medals in the police and fire Olympics.

John and his wife, Candice really took to the sport of trap shooting and enjoyed traveling around shooting ATA tournaments. Their vacations became shooting vacations and on the way home from the Huntley Corn shoot in Montana they stopped in Mesquite Nevada to shoot some trap. The trap range was down for repairs but they were told the sporting clay range was open. So they shot a round of sporting clays for the first time. After they finished the round John told his wife Candice, that’s it! I’m done with trap. His decision did not sit well with her because she was at the top of her game and moving up in class rapidly. She eventually forgave him and has become a very accomplished sporting clay shooter in her own right.

John spent the last years of his career as a training Captain for the Fire Department helping young recruits acquire the skills necessary to get through the probationary process and become full time firefighters. Working with the public for over thirty years and training new recruits has given John the unique tools necessary to be a great instructor. John has achieved his Level I and Level II Instructor Certificates through the National Sporting Clays Association. He is now retired from the Fire Department and coaches full time at his local ranges. He enjoys sharing his passion for the clay targets sports with new shooters and works hard to help grow our sport.

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Candice Fowler

Candice Fowler

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About Candice

Candice Fowler grew up in a hunting a shooting family. The first time Candice tried shooting her father’s shotgun was at her grandparents’ property in Murrieta, California when she was twelve years old. The shot knocked her down to the ground as she was all of 70 pounds shooting her father’s big 12 gauge shotgun at a hand thrown clay. It wasn’t until 1993 before she gave shooting a second chance at the urging of her husband John. From that point on Candice and John shot clays whenever they could.

She began by pulling and scoring trap for a local monthly pot shoot at Mr. and Mrs. Riggs property where her husband John and his friend shot games like Annie Oakley’s, winks and buddy shoots. Candice became very good at helping the shooters who were off target get back on target, so much so that they told her she should give it a try. After some coaching from John and Mr. Riggs, Candice began shooting pot shoots with a Winchester Model 12.  That lead to competing in ATA trap shoots as well as skeet, and 5-stand.

Candice and John practiced weekly at Inland Fish and Game and Redlands Trap and Skeet were they met a shooter named Jessie Bird who invited them to shoot a new game called sporting clays. Quickly trap and skeet fell to the wayside as sporting clays became their new passion. Shooting was a family affair for the Fowlers. All of their children shoot too. In fact, Candice continued shooting even while pregnant with their youngest son Thomas. After his birth Candice continued to compete but not as often until three years ago after receiving her AA degree in Liberal Arts with honors. Her sites then turned back to competing regularly again in sporting clays. Since her shooting career began in trap shooting, Candice had never shot low gun until 2014 when she decided to learn FITASC. It is now one of her favorite events to shoot.

Presently she has incorporated her educational background into her passion for shooting as a shooting instructor. Candice and John instruct clay shooting throughout Southern California.

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